<Note> Absolutely No Statistics. Purely Experience </Note>

Well, its counseling time in Tamil Nadu and the students are already super perplexed on which college to choose. There are generally two ways students choose their college.

1. Best College — Whatever Department is available

2. Favourite Department — Whatever College is available.

I would flatly say them to choose their favourite department in any college in a CITY for various reasons. Though the word CITY seems general, I infer the following from my migration from Sivakasi to Chennai. To list a few of the merits..

Being in the city, you could get along with a good mixture of people from all corners of India. Mingling with them will often mandate the use of English. Thus you need not attend any spoken English classes for bettering your communication skills. Getting embarrassed a couple of times is the fastest way to develop your English knowledge. 😉 By the time placements are on, you are already an eloquent and attractive speaker.

In terms of technology, cities are (on an average) two years faster than other towns and villages in India. Well, its obvious. Since the city side students are exposed to such knowledge right from their birth, they are undeniably a step ahead of other students from villages. Thus getting in touch with them would help you learn and grow faster. And within a year you could find yourselves standing on par with them in every aspect of life. And remember, its not about competing with them, its about growing together. Many don’t understand this and fall into a conundrum.

City is the place where the things are happening for real. Like there is difference between reading about a Grand Startup Fest in a newspaper and being a part of that Grand Startup Fest itself. So being in the city offers you the chance to participate in many organisations which hitherto had been only in your monthly digests/newspapers.

The best coaching centres for GRE/CAT/GATE/You-name-it is present in the City. In Chennai, there are Time, Kaplan, Career Launcher, IMS etc. Numerous students get into top-notch universities through such coaching. And this is a major advantage.

About the culture. As with the variety in languages, you could enjoy a variety of cultures and mannerisms. It is a little hard to be yourselves when people around you sport enticing gears and cinematic lifestyles. But that is left to you.

Now getting down to the Computer Science stream, I would easily say that am enjoying a lot more features than any student in any other part of TamilNadu, just because I am in Chennai. The number of technology communities in Chennai is remarkably high that its tough to choose where you want to be. And each community is flourishing at a blistering pace. For the list of groups in Chennai you can refer to the list made by Kevin William David – http://blog.kevinwilliamdavid.me/2011/06/05/list-of-startup-tech-groups-in-chennai/

There are meetings from the Chennai’s Linux User Group where open source enthusiasts share knowledge by taking seminars on various topics. Then there is this Nerd Dinner wherein you could meet the nerds from all over Chennai and have dinner with them. Then there is the Python Group, Android Group, and loads of startup groups which guide you with your entrepreneurial skills. Thus you are never alone. You always have an excellent team working with you.

Though there are a few negative points, like the other side of the coin, I don’t think it would overshadow the merits of being in a college in city.

So thats it.. Just wanted to share this opinion.

Cheers 🙂