Hey ppl, this is my first blog. I have decided to blog about anything that hits my head during the apparently day-long classes in college.

Let me start off with my idea on WORLD UNITY. Is it possible or it just has place in fictions and dreams? Lets see..

          I once read India is a peace-loving country. Of course I was relishing that peace then. But once I grew up I understood that “peace” meant just a state of being. Not the state of mind.

The peace we enjoy is brought about by an obscure fear of war. People all around the world actually pretend to be at peace, but actually they are not. We are just under an illusion of peace, because of the hundreds of lives lost at the border every week. Its synonymous to what a Yoga master taught the other day. When asked what is yoga, he said that its a state of infinite freedom where we don’t have any rules. It means if we follow 1000 rules while sitting and 2000 rules while breathing, we attain infinite freedom. Nice to hear. But who wants it while the whole world is burning in terrorism. Its the same state we are in. We think we have attained peace by spending a fortune on military equipments, but we have not. And that incited this post..

Think about this.. When we were at school, when a girl had a personal fight with a guy of the same class, the whole lot of girls team up together forgetting their ego among themselves to support the girl’s cause. Scaling the same instance to a bigger scope, when two states lock horns on a petty river problem, all the religions, castes, communities in each of those states join hands to support their native state. These interstate problems become meaningless when there is a threat to the whole nation, like terrorism. When Al-Queda threatens to destroy our nation, all the states unite to fight for their country. A guy forgets his fight with his class girl, his father forgets the caste problem in his street, the state forgets the trivial interstate problems and each and every soul in the country is instilled with a single anthem “My life for my country” . Thus with a bit of logic, we could generalize that unity is brought about when different factions face a common enemy.

So are we arriving at a solution for muting wars and battles at the country borders? Ya, I believe. Once we start focusing on global problems like poverty, global warming, food production, pollution and things which left untamed could lead to the planetary devastation, there is no need for manufacturing bombs, artillery, and billion dollar tanks. Instead we can plant trees and educate children with the same money. If we are willing to die for the country, why can’t we live to save our mother earth. Once we get a global perspective on human’s lives –  terrorism, community clashes, religious misunderstandings, all these fade away as trifles in the face of death.  Thus world unity is not just a fantasy.

The World will be unified, when people start understanding the gravity of global problems and start acting.