Its been almost a couple of weeks since I bought my Samsung Galaxy S2 and am completely in love with it. I believe that the current trend among the youngsters is like – Gadget companies are like religions. You follow one and keep your mouth shut about other companies. In that sense, I worship the Android OS ( with a true spirit of an open-source enthusiast ) Its been just a few days since I started using it and now my routine work has become much comfortable.

As they say “Character maketh a man”, I would say “Apps maketh a platform”. Even the phenomenal growth of Facebook could be attributed to the bountiful of apps that came flooding in every day. Now talking about apps, I started downloading numerous apps through Android market and it was during this time that I downloaded these two apps which have changed the way I use mobile phones.

<JustSaying> I know am late in this review. These two apps are already topping the charts in the market. But still I thought I could share my viewpoint on them  🙂  </JustSaying>

1. DropBox : Dropbox is a free service that allows you to have all your photos, music, docs, and apparently every thing on your PC or mobile on to the cloud and make it accessible to all your devices wherever you are. Once you download ( and install this app on to your phone and PC, you are not going to search for your pen drives anymore. After the installation, a folder named “Dropbox” is created on your system. In my system, the folder looks like this :

The Dropbox folder

The Photos folder in my Dropbox

Note : The tick mark indicates that the folder is completely synced with your Dropbox cloud storage.

And  this is the Dropbox folder on any Android phone :

Dropbox on Android

2. Evernote : If you are one of those persons who finds it insanely laborious to keep your notes synchronized among your phone, Windows and Linux desktops, you are not alone. Maybe you “were” not alone. Because I found this solution to be really good. This app named Evernote, is once again, like storing your notes in the cloud and accessing it from anywhere. Be it on your Windows desktop, Ubuntu Workspace or Android phone. You can make clippings of your webpage or even store a snapshot/pic as a note and sync it with your evernote account. Moreover, editing and syncing text is done so quickly that you don’t even realize that its connected to the web.

This is how Evernote looks on Android phone :

Evernote Screenshots - courtesy : TechCrunch

Evernote is not available for Ubuntu currently. So I use an open-source alternative called “NeverNote” (hilariously named) which could be downloaded at It offers almost the same functionalities as the original Evernote app.

Of course there are a lot of alternatives available to these two apps. But, according to me, these two are the best among them.

Good use of technology can save a lot of time, in terms of hours or even days. Lets celebrate technology!! Cheers 🙂