Note: This post was published in 2011 and the solution may not work anymore. And please note that we are improving only the DNS resolution part of the web page fetching process. This will not have any impact on your download speeds.

Nowadays I find interest in solving the real-life problems which people face everyday through technology (However trivial it may look, its gonna help someone 🙂 )

Are you one of those thousands of people who are not satisfied by the browsing speed they get with Tata Photon+ connection? Well here is the simplest tweak you could make and increase the browsing speed by a maximum of 300% and AM NOT JOKING!

If you are a geek, am sure you’d have figured it out already. But if you are a non-technically inclined person, this post is for you. The sloth-like speed of Tata Photon+ connection is due to the default DNS servers. So the tweak is setting your DNS to and the alternate DNS to These are Google’s Public DNS server addresses.

In Windows : 

This is for Windows 7. I believe everyone is current enough to have it on your PC 😛

Open Control Panel –> Network and Internet –> Network and Sharing Center –> Change Adapter Settings

Right Click on your Tata Photon+ Connection –> Properties

Move to Networking Tab

Double Click Internet Protocol Version 4

In the second fieldset, change to “Use the Following DNS server addresses”.

Preferred DNS server  : and Alternate DNS server :

Click OK and Reconnect.

In Ubuntu : 

Click the Network Connections icon on the right hand side tray of Ubuntu Desktop.

Choose “Edit connections”

Change to “Mobile Broadband” –> Choose the Tata Photon+ Connection and click “Edit”

Then it might ask for your password. Enter it.

Change the Method to “Automatic (PPP) addresses only”

Set DNS servers to,

Click Save and Reconnect.

Note :  If you don’t find any improvement after the change, then may be Google Public DNS is not the one for you. It works best if you are in Chennai. Now, the thing is that Tata Photon’s default DNS servers are not that fast. So we need a better alternative. You can find them by using Namebench software.