In terms of technology and computers, I have currently decided to blog on NS2, Android and Python. I will bring in other interesting languages like LISP, Haskell, Perl later on.

Technology is fun. Though I don’t have any great desire to become a techno-geek or something,  I do read a lot on Tech stuffs. And am mad about computers and gadgets. i know am not alone. Because they really have profound impact on our lives. Don’t they?

Choice of Computer Science : It all commenced when I was doing my 12 std in High School. I was asked to make a choice of a lifetime among three streams – Computer Science, Biology and Business. After hearing all the opinions from mom, dad, anna, anni, chithappa, chithi, thatha, paati and so on (:P) I decided to settle with Mechanical Engineering in PSG. But there was one particular thing which was continually haranguing my mind. “What is it that I never get bored with?” –> “Hacking into Computers” replied my conscience, everytime. Then after a deep study into the roots of Computer Science, I fell in love with it. I wanted to learn more and more about it. And thus am into CS. So, what made effected that sudden change of mind?

I ascribe that part to the history of Computers. I thank the forefathers of computer science who have provided such a brilliant platform for the current generation of young entrepreneurs to work on. Anyone who could clearly visualize the power latent within computers and the platform available for students would easily go for computers and technology.

Take for instance, the concept of languages. We interact with the humans with languages like English, Hindi, Tamil etc. These are nothing but a product of recursive abstraction of languages, the phenomenal process which started with the introduction of Hieroglyphics in Egypt. With each level of abstraction, the depth of each word increased. And finally we ended up with beautiful languages that are in use today. Such is the evolution of computer languages. We started instructing the computers using  machine code with mere 0s and 1s. We started abstracting it to Assembly language, BASIC, procedural languages like C, Functional Languages like LISP, Object Oriented languages like Python and Java and it continues to evolve. If you ask me, this will evolve until the computers are able to perceive instructions fed in human languages like English!! Imagine instructing your computer to pXe boot to Ubuntu just by a verbal command in English. Thats going to be legendary..

And moreover computer languages too follow a grammar, similar to the grammar rules we have in our human languages. Thus programming languages are very closely related to human dialects. This closeness to reality impressed me. I swore that I would learn all these technologies and make a better platform when I pass the baton to the next generation. because thats is how civilizations occur. Thats how the world has developed over the years. That leads to ultimate glory of mankind.

And this is what made me a technophile 🙂