This post is about reality. The reality that you can’t become whatever you dream to become. I know it makes a negative impact, but I guarantee to have a happy ending.

This thought was inspired by the quote “The whole word is a drama stage, men and women merely actors” by Shakespeare. This has been intriguing me for long.

Where it all started? I would cite two very different instances.

1.  My grandpa wanted to study abroad. But it just stayed as his dream due to his family’s economic status. And after two generations, am gonna make his dream come true through my Masters Degree in US. Similarly, I wanted to become a doctor. Ironically, I can’t even stand someone bleeding for more than 2 seconds!! So I would entrust that dream to my son or daughter. And I have to find what my account holds for me..

2. The second is the character “Lady Gaga”. Seeing her perform on stage, I find that she is perfectly made for entertainment and absolutely nothing else. She can never become an academician even if she holds a hunger strike till death.. She has found what she is meant for, which according to me, is her greatest achievement. She is doing the best in her field.

So you just get what is written in your account, nothing more, nothing less. That’s what life is all about. Its useless to keep dreaming about becoming a celebrity or a superstar. First thing to do is to identify the role assigned to you by God. Is it a musician, dancer, architect, dramatist, singer, academician or one of million others? Until you find that role, don’t settle.. Keep hunting for that one thing you are made for. That is the reason for your existence. That is your reality. Until you find that role, you are just living someone else’s life, wearing a mask of satisfaction. Once you find it, start chasing. Don’t ever look back. Trust your intuition, karma, insight orwhatever you call that instinct. Don’t let other people’s voices drown your own precious inner voice. Just stay calm and listen to what it says and pursue the goal it renders in your mind. The more you know abt it, the more you’ll want to get it. Like any relationship, it grows better and better with time. Then one day the whole world would seem to work for you and by then you are already on top of the world. You have proved yourself to God that you did your role well. You are now called a celebrity.

Thats what happened to those two people, whom I mentioned above. My grandpa became one of the pioneers of bringing in industries to my native Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu. And on a global perspective, Lady Gaga rose from ignorance to elegance.

An aimless life is like riding a car without destination. Thus to become a successful person, we need to know our role (ie. our reason for existence) and perform it to the fullest. Once we start enjoying every moment playing that role, we slowly become dearer to God and success will follow. The ultimate secret is to “Identify what we are made for” and pursue that cause. Everything else is trivial.